Parallel Session: Social Movements & Climate Engineering Justice from the Periphery

11:00 - 12:30

Debate around the justice of geoengineering has often, implicitly or explicitly, assumed the perspective of high-emitting groups that are disproportionately responsible for geoengineering research. We should re-orient our normative thinking regarding climate engineering research, governance, and deployment to include the agency and perspectives of the global South and subaltern groups .We will convene global representatives from diverse social movements to lead intersectional discussions on what geoengineering means for racial and environmental justice, food sovereignty, youth, gender, health and global justice as well as climate justice.

Patrick Taylor-Smith

National University Singapore

Patrick Taylor Smith is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Global Studies at the National University of Singapore. He works primarily in global and intergenerational justice in the context of climate change and geoengineering. He is currently writing a book developing a non-ideal theory of just revolution as well as an article applying that account of revolution to potential SRM interventions by the developing world. He has published articles in such journals as Transnational Legal Theory, Philosophy and Public Issues, and the Journal of Applied Philosophy as well as several book chapters and reviews.