Climate Engineering Conferences Video Series

The Climate Engineering Conferences video series features experts in the field discussing a range of climate engineering issues. 

Harald Steltzer: "Ethics"
David Reichwein: "Liability and Compensation"
Anna Maria Hubert: "Regulating Activities in the Oceans"
Ben Kravitz: "Climate Modeling"
Daniel Heyen: "Economics"
Alexander Proelss: "International Law"
Tim Kruger: "The Termination Effect"
Thomas Bruhn: "Working Together with Civil Society"
Alan Robock: "Field Experiments"
Holly Buck: "The Role of the Social Sciences"
Ken Caldeira: "Ocean Acidification"
Peter Irvine: "Predicting the Impacts of SRM"
Hauke Schmidt: "Volcanic Eruptions as an Analogue for SRM"
George Collins: "Uncertainties and Participatory Research"
Andy Parker: "Research Governance"
Mark Lawrence: "An Introduction to Climate Engineering"
Sean Low: "Comparisons to Other Emerging Technologies"
Jürgen Scheffran: "Risks and Conflicts"