CEC21 Plenaries - live stream!

The CEC21 Steering Committee are excited to announce that live streaming will be available for the CEC21 plenaries!

Live streaming links will be available to all participants and non-participants in order to facilitate open and inclusive critical global discussions on climate change and sustainability. 

The plenaries for CEC21 which will be live streamed include:

  • PLENARY 1  Opening plenary with Keynote Speaker Ambuj Sagar
  • PLENARY 2  Lessons from COVID-19 for Climate Change/Climate Engineering
  • PLENARY 4 Mapping the field of CEC: What is Climate Engineering anyway? Who is, or should be, a part of the conversation?
  • PLENARY 5 - Final town hall plenary

Further information, linking links to the plenaries can be found on the 'Plenary live streams information page'.

Please click on the links at the time the plenary is scheduled to access a live streaming.