First Climate Engineering Conference 2017 (CEC17) Steering Committee Meeting

CEC17 Steering Committee Meeting Held in Potsdam in July 2016

Following the success of the first international climate engineering conference in 2014 (CEC14), the IASS will host a second climate engineering conference in 2017 (CEC17). The conference will be held in October 2017 in Berlin and will serve three purposes: As an advanced review for the current state of climate engineering research, as a forum for developing synergies between academic, policy, and civic stakeholders, and as an exposition of the evolution, diversity, and relevance of this issue at an important stage in the development of options to mitigate climate change.

The conference planning process was initiated on the 28th and 29th of July at the first meeting of the CEC17 Steering Committee (SC), an interdisciplinary group of twelve early-career researchers responsible for the intellectual content and format of the conference. The members of the SC will additionally be supported by CEC17’s Advisory Group (AG), a group of eminent researchers and practitioners who are engaged in discussions relevant to climate engineering. At the July meeting, the SC not only  laid the groundwork for the form and content of next year’s conference, but also discussed the role of the conference in the wider climate engineering and climate change fields.

Steering Committee Members

Schäfer, Stefan (Chair), Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Boettcher, Miranda, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Buck, Holly, Cornell University

Collins, George, Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre

Heyen, Daniel, London School of Economics

Heyward, Clare, University of Warwick

Kravitz, Ben, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Low, Sean, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Moore, Nigel, Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy

Parker, Andy, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Scott, Vivian, University of Edinburgh

Vaughan, Naomi, University of East Anglia


July 28 & 29, 2016


IASS Potsdam

For more information, please check out the agenda.

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