Bernd Nilles

Fastenopfer - Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund
CEC17 contributor

Since April 2017, Bernd Nilles heads the Swiss member organization of CIDSE “Fastenopfer-Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund” based in Lucerne. Under Bernd’s leadership Fastenopfer and CIDSE work for a greater societal, economic and ecological transformation aiming at re-thinking development, to leverage systemic changes serving people and planet. He is member of the Boards of the Climate Action Network Europe (CAN), CIDSE, and Alliance Sud.
Since 2005, Bernd Nilles is also working for the government of North Rhine-Westphalia with responsibilities in the field of development and sustainability as a representative, advisor and event coordinator.

Formerly, Nilles has been working for the Secretary General of CIDSE in Brussels, where he was head of the international secretariat. On several international conferences he represented the CIDSE on issues like food security, climate justice, business and human rights, financing development and financial markets. Nilles made climate justice one of the top priorities of CIDSE and plays a key role in working with the Vatican and church leaders worldwide in this field.
Earlier, Nilles has been working for MISEREOR and in the Catholic Youth movement, engaged as a human rights activist and hold several research assistant positions. He holds a Master degree in Social and Political Science.