Octavio Rosas-Landa

National University Mexico

Octavio Rosas-Landa is an economist from the National University in Mexico City. He teaches Political Economy and Mexico-US Labor Migration at the Faculty of Economics since 1995, and has been researching and working with local (peasant, indigenous and urban communities) for the past 20 years around the economic, social and environmental impacts of new technologies in the livelihoods of local communities, as well as processes of organization and education around environmental devastation in Mexico since the enactment of NAFTA. Since 2008 Octavio is one of the founders and member of the Council of Representatives of the National Assembly of Environmentally Affected Peoples (ANAA) in Mexico, a grassroots organization that advises and develops strategies for the legal, technical and social defense of local communities against the environmental destruction of their territories. From 2012 until 2014 he coordinated the Hearing on Environmental Devastation and Peoples' Rights of the Mexican Session of the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal (heir to the Russell Tribunal), which gathered and presented over 200 singular cases of environmental destruction in Mexico.