Stephan Singer

Climate Action Network International
CEC17 contributor

Since almost 2 years, Dr Stephan Singer is Chief Advisor Energy Policy for the international Secretariat of Climate Action Network (CAN) that represents about 1200 CSO organisations from across the globe that work on various aspects of combatting climate change. Stephan engages with members, allies and other international organisations on the promotion of 100% renewables, strong energy efficiency, phasing out fossil fuels and supporting the 1.5C threshold for global warming. He supports all clean energy work by CAN members including the necessary big shift from public and private finance away from fossil fuels to renewables, energy access for the poor, energy efficiency and sustainable grid infrastructure.  Stephan is regular peer reviewer of IEA`s annual World Energy Outlook, the Co-chair of the Renewable Grid Initiative of TSO and NGO, and an external expert reviewer on the IPCC Special Report on 1.5C global warming which will be released in autumn 2018. Before joining CAN, Stephan was Director Global Energy Policy for WWF International. He holds a PhD in soil physics on carbon cycling and is a fanatic supporter of the glorious anti-racist FC St Pauli football club in Hamburg where he was born.