SRMGI Global Forum

SRMGI Global Forum 

The SRM Governance Initiative ( is an international, NGO-driven project for expanding the discussion of SRM geoengineering research governance to developing countries.

SRMGI will be holding a meeting – the SRMGI Global Forum – in conjunction with CEC17 in order to increase South-North dialogue over SRM. The Global Forum will take place in Berlin on the Monday prior to and the Friday following CEC17 and will bring together people from the workshops that SRMGI has held around the developing world. Invited participants of the SRMGI Global Forum will gather together to discuss the socio-political, ethical, and scientific dimensions of SRM research. They will also attend CEC17. This will give them an opportunity to connect with the SRM & CDR research community and to establish and strengthen personal connections, dialogue, and mutual learning.


The SRMGI Global Forum will take place on Monday 9 and Friday 13 October, either side of CEC17 (see schedule below). This will allow the SRMGI participants to begin their group activities and discussions before the CEC17 opening on the evening of 9 October. After three days of discussion, presentations, and establishing new connections at CEC17, the SRMGI Global Forum participants will have a final day – Friday 13 October – to come back together and discuss next steps for SRM research governance from a developing world perspective.

Schedule for SRMGI Global Forum and CEC17

      Monday 9th        Tuesday 10th        Wednesday 11th        Thursday 12th        Friday 13th

           SRMGI                    CEC17                        CEC17                           CEC17                      SRMGI                    
     Global Forum                                                                                                                      Global Forum

          SRMGI                     CEC17                        CEC17                           CEC17                      SRMGI
     Global Forum                                                                                                                      Global Forum

          CEC17                     CEC17                        CEC17
    Opening Event            Event                          Event


Launched in 2010 by the Royal Society, Environmental Defense Fund and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), SRMGI is neutral on how research should be governed or whether SRM should ever be used. The initiative holds workshops around the developing world that try to get the local climate community and other stakeholders thinking through the most immediate challenges: how SRM research should be governed, and how to make sure developing countries have a voice in any international discussions or decisions. To date, SRMGI has run workshops in Bangladesh, Brazil, China (x2), Ethiopia, Guadeloupe, India (x2), Jamaica, Kenya, Pakistan (x2), the Philippines, Senegal and South Africa, Jordan and Thailand.

Application to attend the SRMGI Global Forum

The application period for the SRMGI Global Forum has now closed. However, there may be spaces available for people from developing countries who have not attended an SRMGI workshop but will be attending CEC17. Interested parties should email for more information.